Grey Yarns

State-of-the-art Infrastructure – Superior Technology Advantage

With a constant endeavour to maintain its leading position, GTN Industries Ltd. has invested in latest technology for modernisation and upgradation. The entire yarn production capacity of GTN Industries is autolevelled, autoconed, spliced with SIRO clearers to eliminate contamination at various stages in the process. The raw material is thoroughly cleaned ensuring minimum levels of contamination in the yarn. GTN Industries has impressive spinning capacity across all its manufacturing facilities incorporating latest process know how.

GTN Industries has invested in the latest equipment from leading manufacturers like :

  • Blow Room Equipment from TRUTZSCHLER
  • Carding Equipment from TRUTZSCHLER & LMW
  • Combers from LMW & REITER
  • Ring Frames and Draw Frames from REITER & LMW
  • Compact from SUESSAN
  • Waste Collection Machinery from LUWA
  • Yarn Conditioners from XORELLA
  • Twisting Machines from VOLKMANN
  • Testing and Quality Control Equipment from ZELLWEGER USTERCLASSIMAT & SPINLAB

Impressive Spindleage 

GTN Industries Existing
Future Capacity
Hyderabad 50,392 10,424 60,816
Nagpur 36,096 10,560 46,656
Perfect Spinners
Total Spindleage 84,488 20,924 1,07,472

Performing – Grey Yarn Brands 

With decades of expertise and excellence of meeting the sensitive needs of niche clients world wide, GTN Industries’ Grey Yarn brands AURA, NILE, GANGES and NATURA continue to make impressive contributions in the world of premium quality cotton yarn, fabrics and garments.